Pre Primary Ballet and Tap

Girls - Pink leotard and skirt 

Pink socks or tights 

Pink ballet shoes 

Pink X over cardigan (optional)

Black tap shoes 

Hair tied neatly back 

Boys - White T-shirt  black or navy blue shorts

White socks

White or black ballet shoes

Black tap shoes

Primary and above Ballet & Tap 

Girls - Black leotard 

Pink socks or tights 

Pink ballet shoes 

Black tap shoes 

Black Character skirt and shoes ( Grade 1)

Hair tied back in a bun 

Boys - White t-shirt or leotard

Black or navy blue shorts or tights

White socks

Black or white Ballet shoes

Black Tap shoes

Grade 1 Modern & Above

GirlsBlack leotard 

Black shorts or footless tights/leggings 

Hair tied back in a pony tail

Bare feet 

Boys - Plain black t-shirt

Black shorts or track suit bottoms.

DC Jackets can be worn in class on cold days

Dorothy Coleborn School Of Dance

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