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Dorothy Coleborn
est' 1920



Daytime, afternoon & evening classes for Boys and Girls aged between 2-18.

Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary & Hip Hop.


Whether you're travelling to perform at Disney, dancing in the Bath Pantomime or taking part in our school-wide shows. There are ample opportunities for you to showcase your talent on stage.



March 2023
Hayesfield School & Theatre Royal, Bath

A celebration of 100 years of dancing at Dorothy Coleborn.

DC Student Summer Intensive 

Have fun and prepare for a new term of dance with an intensive designed to improve technique and conditioning.
29th July - 2nd August
10-3pm: ages 7-10 
4-9pm: ages 11-15


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About Us


Founded in 1920 by Dorothy Coleborn, the family tradition continues.

The Dancing School enjoys airy, purpose-built facilities with two large studios, large reception area and newly refurbished changing rooms.

We encourage all students to realise their full potential within a positive environment. The classes are fun whilst achieving exceptional results.​


“I reckon we saw some future stars that night…But that wasn’t the best part. No, it’s that your eyes well with tears of affection and pride and you yell and clap . . . for other people’s children. Their pure talent and energy, and the effort they’d put in (and their teachers), was balm for the soul. There was so much love in that auditorium. The glorious show made me feel so optimistic.”

Kitty Dimbleby - The Daily Mail, December 2019

"A fantastic grounding for ones performing career and life skills as a whole. Thank you for all you taught me!!"

Emma Tatsiana

"'Spellbound' made me sit up with a jolt and realise just how much the school is nurturing some incredible talent in Bath and also, developing the confidence and poise of all the children involved."

Angela Mount, Bath Mums

"My daughter has been nurtured, supported and inspired since starting ballet, modern and tap at Dorothy Coleborn's. There is a really healthy atmosphere; the children love dance whilst also learning how to perform, develop physical strength and mental discipline. I couldn't recommend the school more highly."

Katy Hancock

"Amazing dance school! Fantastic teaching"

Paul Hughes

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